5 Best laptops for computer science Students: Buyers Guide

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A computer professional cannot master the craftsmanship of computing without possessing a highly functional laptop. The hefty coding, programming, and web development will utterly access your laptop performance. To outshine in your class assessments, assignments, and examination, you need to get your hands on a swift device to please your needs.

Therefore, we bring you the best laptops for computer science students. These phenomenal models qualify extravagantly in terms of fast processing, extensive memory, and staggering display. For all the amateur and novice learners stepping into the field of computer science, this article will be the ultimate guide for you!

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Picking your next study buddy can be perplexing while evaluating your decision making at the same time. The numerous options in the market with various versions will leave you startled.

5 Best Laptops For Computer Science Students



1.9GHz Intel Core i7-8650U

Graphics Card

Intel UHD Graphics 620; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060






15 inches

The 15-inch staggering screen with a Pixel Sense display of the Surface Book is a masterpiece on its own. The 3000 x 2000 resolution will give you a clear cut visual of minute programming languages. The clear and comprehensible view will leave fewer chances of mistakes while programming. Moreover, it also features smooth and comforting 10 points multi-touch, which is compatible with the surface pen

The fingers will glide smoothly on the trackpad, one of the many defining features of the surface book 2. The full-size keyboard provides a comforting typing experience. Say goodbye to the tough keys with the annoying sound, as this keyboard will provide you with the most comforting typing experience.

Furthermore, it has various ports, including two USB 8 ports, an SDXC card reader, a charging port, and a USB C port. Microsoft has made a new USB-C port addition. Thus, you can effortlessly import and export bulky files instantly in the classroom.

Talking about the laptop's performance, it is wheeled on an 8th generation quad-core i7 processor coupled with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphic coprocessor and 8GB of RAM and. Thus, the complex tasks of programming become a comfortable breeze.  This magnificent performance enables you to work persistently without any hindrance like slow operation. Furthermore, the solid-state drive hard disk of 256GB with colossal storage space further contributes to the swift functioning of the laptop.

Along with that, if you are tired from the laptop heating up repeatedly, then the cooling system of the surface book laptop integrated with fans brings enormous relief.  The battery is built to last for hours. So, now you don’t have to be stuck to the charger for hours, hindering your mobility. The 13 hours’ durable battery will give you long study sessions without any distraction.


High-performance battery Expensive
Smooth trackpad Bad sound quality
Quality display



1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U

Graphics Card

Intel UHD Graphics 620







Lenovo C930 grabs second place in our list of 5 best laptops for computer science students.  This model is pleasing for the eye with a smooth surface and delicate finishing. The material used in the making is of ultra-quality reflecting in the construction. It has a dazzling13.9-inch screen with a 4K ultra HD staggering display and supports ten touch points, fully laminated with an exquisite touch.

The screen is foldable, making it a tablet, and the most mesmerizing feature is the built-in stylus pen, which supports 4096 pressure levels. Hence, portability is another aspect computer science students will adore—no more struggle to carry a hefty laptop in your backpack.

The touchpad is obedient to commands and has a smooth glass finish on it. The palm rest is sturdy, with an additional fingerprint reader securing your projects and other data. Furthermore, it contains a type-A USB 3.1 port, two thunderbolt type-c ports. The lightning-fast USB charging port will charge the laptop rapidly with about 10 hours of running time.

So if you are running for the assessment exam, low battery is no longer an issue.  Work could be hectic for computer science students, and this laptop is a stress reliever with one of the most impressive sound system of Dolby Atmos. This feature will cheer you up after long working sessions or studying hours.

The requisite performance is also a defining feature that allows error-free programming hours. Even under draining and heavy tasks, Lenovo C930 retains effortless performance. The CPU is Intel Core i7, four gigahertz impaired with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD and  Intel HD Graphics 620 contributes to retaining the brisk operation. This high-quality and well-equipped laptop supports any heavy work.

Extraordinary sound system Laptop heating issue
Impressive 4k ultra HD display Heavy
Built-in stylus pen



2.0GHz Intel Core i5-1038NG7

Graphics Card

Intel Iris Plus Graphics







The iconic silver space grey apple MacBook pro has an unparalleled built quality with unrivaled looks. It is compact and feels light as a feather. The 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 retina display is the best in the business. The display results are phenomenal, being less stressful on eyes since computer science students have to spend hours in front of the screen.

The impression it gives is elegance and class; computer science students will be keeping an eye on the iconic MacBook pro. Hence, it is a complete package for work and entertainment at the same time.

MacBook Pro houses four thunderbolts three ports for instant and rapid data transfer. Along with that, the stylish keyboard will give an exceptional typing experience. Thus, you can efficiently complete your daunting assignments in time. Touchpad provides ease in functioning as well.

Writing programming codes must be tiring, and for long hours, a satisfying keyboard is a plus point for computer science students. It doesn’t end here as it comes with a 720p FaceTime HD webcam and a sound system that stands matchless amongst its competitors. 

The performance of the laptop is exemplary with 10th gen intel chips with quad-core i7. The graphic card is intel iris plus graphics further boosts the operation. The 2TB built-in SSD with 16GB RAM and LPDDR4X makes MacBook Pro a substantial powerhouse. The overall specs are astonishing, and it will leave you impressed with the responsiveness. Computer science students who are looking for a performance machine should go for MacBook pro.

Lastly, battery life is an outstanding feature of the apple MacBook pro as it overshadows its windows competitors. The battery life can be evaluated as if a 1080p video is watched on a loop; the battery can last up to 10hrs. Similarly, the low battery error won’t hinder your task while studying for long. The battery can last for a few days if it is left in a sleepy mood.

Slightly heavy
High performance Overpriced
Great battery life Limited USB ports



1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U

Graphics Card

Nvidia GeForce MX150







Are you looking for a laptop with an exceptional set of features to satisfy your computing needs but at a low price?  If you are a computer science student on a budget, then Acer Aspire E15 is undoubtedly an ideal choice. The laptop is immensely sized and hefty, constructed from chunky plastic with metal texture. With aesthetic and alluring looks, it gives a seemingly high-quality premium appearance.

It has a 15-inch display with a 1080p sharp display, which is perfect for working and browsing. The laptop comes with various port options featuring a USB 2.0 port, USB-3.1 Type-C port, ethernet port, VGA input, an HDMI port, two USB 3 ports, and a Kensington lock. Along with that, it also contains an 8 X DVD-RW drive.

Furthermore, the hardware comprises a Core i3 CPU, 6 gigabytes of RAM, and 1TB hard drive. Acer Aspire E15 gives a well-balanced price-performance ratio. The performance can be evaluated if ten tabs are opened, and a video is played simultaneously; even then, the laptop works with ease. This aspect also qualifies it for complicated computer software like an eclipse, coda, etc. It does support casual gaming as well. Moreover, the battery life is also brilliant with 9 hours of continuous web surfing.

The budget could usually become an issue for students; computer science students will surely be surprised to see such a money laptop value. Acer Aspire E15 is a budget laptop competing among the best laptop and exceeding professional workers' expectations. A low-price with good high specifications is hard to find, and Acer Aspire E15

Affordable Heavy design
Many ports option Low-quality display
Strong performance

Things to consider before buying a laptop for programming

The products mentioned above have left the professionals speechless with their extraordinary performance. However, every model is accompanied by a different set of features. So, it would help if you considered your needs before finalizing the purchase. Students being beginners, don’t need an overpriced professional laptop. So, Techies Classics has compiled some of the main features you need to be mindful of before making the deal.

  • Display

Keeping in view the petit size of programming languages, it is essential to have a laptop with exceptional resolution and a wide array. The intricacy level of programming is sufficiently high as your hard work hours can be ruined by one misplaced alphabet.

  • Portability

Being a computer science student means being on a laptop 24/7. Having a hefty laptop means a consistent wrist or shoulder ache from carrying it around. Thus, it is compulsory to have a portable, lightweight, and moderately sized laptop in this regard.

  • Hardware

Hardware plays an essential role in determining the overall performance of the laptop. To keep your flow swift, error-free, and fast, make sure to purchase a computer with at least 8 GB RAM impaired with a powerful processor. Only a strong processor will strive through the demanding computer science software.

  • Storage

Being a computer science student, you will need a laptop with humongous storage space. Firstly, there should be sufficient storage capacity for software’s and the other, there should be a considerable amount of space for storing assignments and projects.

  • Battery Life

Last but not least, the battery life of the laptop also plays a key role. As a student, you will need to spend 8 to 9 hours at college, taking classes or giving assessments. Thus, your study buddy must have a durable and long-lasting battery to last throughout the day.


Q1: What laptop do computer science students use?

Computer science students prefer MacBook, Chromebooks, or surface laptops because of their compact size, lightness, and swift functioning.

Q2: Do I need a laptop for computer science?

To ensure your convenience in studies and during the lecture, it is better to get your hands on a laptop. Otherwise, it’s not compulsory as you can easily access professional computers in college libraries or computer labs.

Q3: which laptop is best for computer science students?

Several astounding laptops are competing in the market to be acclaimed as the best laptop for computer science students. However, after our analysis, we suggest Acer Aspire E15, Microsoft surface book laptops and we considered Macbook pro is the best laptop for computer science students.

Final Verdict

Wrapping Up, we hope this article has assisted you in choosing the right laptop for yourself. We assure you of the performance, longevity, and phenomenal operation of the models mentioned above. To ease the decision-making process for you, we are concluding with the foremost recommendation from our side.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 wins our recommendation owing to its moderate price and versatile features. The model is an essence of excellence with marvelous portability and powerful performance. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the provided link and grab yours before they go out of stock!

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