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12 Mar,2022 by Admin

Do you want to get the best mouse for gaming so that you can show off your skills? If you have a killer PC and taking on the latest games, you need the best mouse for gaming that you can possibly find so that you’re not still playing at a disadvantage. If you’re lacking in that area, here are some tips to help you get started. Check gamingdeals for best bluetooth gaming mouse online.

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The best mouse for gaming: Speed and precision

For speed, you need to look at several components to find the best mouse for gaming. Generally, go with a corded mouse as cordless mice have a tendency to create lag as they try to communicate with the computer. Also, look for a mouse with a fast polling rate, as this will improve the speed as well. Mouse pads with smooth, shiny surfaces will also increase speed because of decreased friction.

As far as precision is concerned, look for a mouse that has that can work at 3000 DPI or higher for the best precision possible. The importance of this might vary from mouse to mouse based on other characteristics, but the best mouse for gaming will probably have the capability of going up to 5000 DPI.

Feeling out the best mouse for gaming

One of the most important things is the size of the mouse and the way you usually hold it. If you like to hold and move the mouse with your fingertips, a smaller mouse will work better for you. If you rest your hand on the mouse, go for a bigger size that will support the weight and prevent you from dragging your palm on the pad. The best mouse for gaming for you personally will often differ from the best mouse for gaming for someone else. The same is true with buttons–I wouldn’t say that the best mouse for gaming needs 12 different buttons, but having a single button would probably never work out. Go for what feels natural to you, or what you could picture yourself getting used to.

You should also consider what kinds of games you will be using the mouse for. For shooter games, I tend to like smaller mice.

Technical aspects of the best mouse for gaming

If you’re probably looking for any edge you can get. Two milliseconds of lag because your mouse couldn’t keep up with your hand is absolutely unacceptable. You’re looking for the best mouse for gaming, with so many buttons and features it might actually take over the world someday. Or at least dominate WoW on its own. If you haven’t found the best for gaming, you can tell you’re being held back, and other players are killing you off left and right no matter how good you get. Here’d I’d like to talk about a few things you should look for in your search for the best mouse for gaming for you.

Criterion for finding the best mouse for gaming

Find a mouse that fits your hand well. If you think you’ve found the gaming mouse of your dreams online, see if you can’t imagine the size and shape compared to the mouse you’re currently using. If it’s the best mouse for gaming for you, you should be able to hold it comfortably with your fingers or rest your hand on the mouse (whichever you prefer).

To avoid lag, the best mouse for gaming should be a corded mouse. Otherwise, there will be a delay in the wireless communication with the computer.

As for precision, try to find something that can work over 3000 DPI. Some go up to 5000 DPI, but you may not need that much for your purposes. The best mouse for gaming should work on a variety of precision levels, and your preference will vary based on how fast you move your hand when playing.

Getting the most out of the best mouse for gaming: One last tip

Buy a big, glossy mouse pad. If you find the absolute best mouse for gaming, but stick it on a sandpapery old thing from the 1970’s, you’re not going to be much faster. Look for a mouse pad with a shiny, smooth coating that reduces friction.

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